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Elevate Your Environmental Health With Unmatched Service



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Are you considering a renovation or demolition of your home? The CDPHE requires all Denver and surrounding area residents have their homes inspected for asbestos prior to renovation. Click above to find out more about how we can serve you as we are one of Denver's premier asbestos and lead inspection companies.

asbestos abatement Colorado, asbestos inspection Colorado, Mold inspection Colorado, Lead inspection Colorado, asbestos removal Colorado.

Commercial properties are similar to residences in Colorado in that any renovation or demolition to any properties require asbestos sampling done prior to any sort of renovation or demolition. Find out more by clicking above to see how we've helped numerous businesses across the state and nationwide.

asbestos abatement Colorado, asbestos inspection Colorado, Mold inspection Colorado, Lead inspection Colorado, asbestos removal Colorado.

Mold is an ever growing health concern around Denver and the rest of the nation. How do you detect if you have mold? What are some of the health concerns? What do you do if you think you have mold? Click above to learn more about mold and what you can do to fix it permanently and other disaster restoration services EES provides.

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Residential or commercial air quality test. We test for:

HCHO - Formaldehyde 

PM1.0/2.5/10 - Particulate Matter/Micron Dust

TVOCs- total volatile organic compounds

AQI - Air Quality Index

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Mold Spores - Determine what types of spores are in the air

Our instruments have the ability to read of these instantly except mold. We trust Reservoirs Environmental lab with our mold readings.


Elevation Environmental Services opened its doors in 2019 to handle any environmental need you might have. Based out of Denver, CO, EES has a combined 35+ years customer service experience which sets us apart from the competition. EES has years of extensive industry experience with numerous certifications held such as: Asbestos Building Inspector, Air Monitoring Specialist, Project Designer, Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, Water Damage Restoration Technician, and Applied Microbial Remediation Technician certified with the EPA, CDPHE and IICRC accordingly. Our extensive training makes us very knowledgeable in our respective industry and better able to suite our customer's needs. 

What Seperates Us From The Rest

Our top core values are Honesty and Customer Service. We believe in putting our clients health and safety first. We don't want to be just another company that hands you are report and sends you on your way. We want to help you through the whole process. We start with the inspection, send bid information out to abatement companies, and then perform final clearance to make sure everything was removed and the area is clean and clear of asbestos. We are certified by the EPA, IICRC, OSHA, and CDPHE and we hold ourselves to their standards. Let us walk you through each step. We want to reduce your stress and fear through the process. We can setup every step from inspection to final clearance. We also work with great contractors for build back if needed. Most companies come out, do the inspection, then hand you a report. We take you through every step and will even schedule any work you need done to help move the process along. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

We like to get feedback and we especially like hearing when our customer thinks it was a job well done. We’re more than happy to let our customers speak on our behalf, because word of mouth drives our success. Below is a small handful of recent Google and Yelp Review Testimonials that we think show what customers love about Elevation Environmental Services. Contact us to find out more.


"While I didn't have any testing done, Jonathon saved me a lot of money by giving me advice about a bedroom in my basement with suspicious tile and calmed our worries. He was very responsive, polite and kept my interest first. I will definitely be calling if I need any further testing done."


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