Commercial Asbestos and Lead Inspection Services

Commercial Asbestos Inspections

Commercial property demolition and renovation has been on the rise the last few years. Older buildings are being renovated or even completely demolished while newer upgrades and newer buildings are being built. 

Each state and the EPA require thorough asbestos inspections be done on all renovated building structures that will have any new carpeting, demolition, or any other renovation related work done no matter what the age of the property.

For pricing and availability, call:
1-833-5EN-VIRO (1-833-536-8476)

Pipes are often wrapped in insulation containing asbestos

Commercial Lead Inspections

Lead based products were very common in commercial buildings due to it's pigmentation, durability, and malleability before 1978. 

When do you need to have a lead based paint inspection done on your commercial property? 

What is the procedure for having a lead based paint inspection done?

What is the typical cost per lead inspection?

To answer these questions, please call: 1-833-5EN-VIRO (1-833-536-8476)


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