Area Sampling Inspection

Starting at $250

An area sample is used when removing one type of surface such as flooring or popcorn ceiling. Flooring companies request area samples for removal or installation of new flooring.

*Starting at $250 including the first 3 samples

Commercial Asbestos Inspection Pricing

Whole Building Inspection

Starting at $500

A whole home inspection is performed when a house is to undergo major renovation, demolition, or just for owner concern.

*Starting at $500 including the first 3 samples

Air Sampling


An Air sampling is performed when a home owner is concerned there may be asbestos fibers in the air. This usually takes place after a home owner does their own abatement. 

Air sampling is a flat rate of $400 with next day turn around in reporting. Air sampling is not the same as air clearance. 

*All inspections have a inspection price and per sample price. The number of samples taken are regulated by CDPHE and the EPA. Per sample time is based on lab analysis time for turn around.