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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virucide Program

Coronavirus Cleaning and Virucide Steps

We use a 3 step cleaning and Virucide process:

  1. ​Air out - The structure to be cleaned has to be aired out for 24 hours

  2. Clean - cleaning is the process of removing dirt and debris from surfaces

  3. Virucide - A Botanical / Hospital Disinfectant / Virucidal / Antimicrobial agent is fogged over all surfaces. EES uses only botanical products so they can be left behind and left to dry naturally. This allows for the product to stay on all surfaces for more than the suggested 10 mins. No wiping afterward is needed. 

Products We Use

Elevation Environmental Services chooses to use EPA List N approved Botanical cleaner.

  • The active ingredient is a natural Thymol.

  • It is safe for all surfaces including food contact surfaces.

  • Kills Over 99.99% of Germs

  • Virucidal (HIV-1)

  • Bactericidal (Including MRSA)

  • Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal

  • Made From Plant Extracts

  • Pleasant Aromatherapeutic Vapors

  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes or Bleach

  • No Cautions/Warnings on The Label or MSDS Sheets

  • No Rinse or Wipe Required

  • No Mixing Required


Cleaning and Virucidal Fog                  $0.50 per Square foot of surface area
Just Virucidal Fog                                $0.25 per Square foot of surface area
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