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Lead Wipe Testing in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Lead Content in Dust & Air Inspection & Testing Services

Our lead dust sampling and testing gather the lead levels from pre-existing dust. Due to the different types of dangers lead can cause not only to humans but for pets as well, we provide you with a variety of options to protect your Denver home from lead toxins. If you decide our lead wipe testing is the way to go, our Denver team at Elevation Environmental Services has got you covered. With our knowledgeable lead dust sampling and testing staff members and top methods, we eliminate the issue of not knowing with our lead paint inspection and testing services. We also provide you with the necessary steps to move forward.

Various Hazards Can Occur From Toxic Lead

Not only can hazardous lead be dangerous to the individuals inside your Denver property, but it can also be dangerous to your pets. Therefore, our lead paint contamination testing is so beneficial. We're sure to make our lead paint testing site an animal-free zone since the fur of your animal can pick up lead duct contaminants. Not to mention if you have contaminated lead surfaces and put your food on these specific surfaces, you can be ingesting these toxic substances directly into your body. With the dangers lead has, it's best to opt for our lead paint inspection and testing in Denver.

The Truth About Needing to Inspect Your Home for Toxic Lead

The percentage of the possibility of lead poisoning increases the older your Denver house is. Houses built from 1960 to 1977 have a 24 percent chance of being positive for lead findings. If your home was built in 1940 to 1959, the percentage rises to more than half resulting in 69 percent. However, homes that were built prior to 1940 have an 87 percent chance of possessing lead-based paint and products. We understand the statistics can be daunting, but with our lead paint contamination testing, you can feel at peace knowing our Denver professionals are on the case.

Detailed Results for Your Denver Business

Our lead wipe testing services is a great way to determine if your Denver business has hazardous lead substances. The experts at Elevation Environmental Services in Denver are well versed in understanding the smartest areas to sample are the floors and windowsills when carrying out our lead wipe testing. Proving as a place to get the highest results, we extract many samples to ensure we're receiving accurate findings from our lead dust sampling and testing services. We're strategic and precise not to contaminate any of the samples. When in doubt, opt for our lead paint contamination testing in Denver to ensure your safety.

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