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Water Damage Testing in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Mold Water Damage Inspection & Testing Services

If you have experienced a sewer backup or a broken pipe in your Denver home, untreated water damage can lead to mold growth. The team at Elevation Environmental Services in Denver are experts in testing for mold following a water leak. With their years of experience, they know exactly where to check for potential mold. Do not be left wondering if your health is at risk, call us today to schedule mold testing services in Denver.

Can Water Damage Cause Mold?

While there are many factors that can contribute to mold growth, the most common cause is water damage. Water is absorbed into wooden and other porous materials like cabinets, subflooring, drywall, and carpeting. This lingering water will provide a fertile environment for mold to take hold and spread throughout your Denver home. Call Elevation Environmental Services following a water leak for mold testing services to protect yourself and your family from mold.

Mold Lurking Beneath Denver Carpets

When your Denver basement floods, there are many things to take care of in the cleanup process, often the padding underneath carpeting is not properly dried. Carpet padding is an optimal place for mold growth due to the layers of foam and carpet trapping humidity beneath it. Mold testing following water damage can reveal the presence of mold without the inconvenience of having to tear holes in the carpet of your Denver home.

Mold in Denver Walls

When you have a leak, water can quickly seep up your drywall and insulation. These layers can trap moisture behind them and allow mold to grow. Before you damage your walls further following a water leak, call Elevation Environmental Services in Denver for mold testing services. Your walls may not have growth within them, so it is best to test before opening them up. Call our team in Denver today for a consultation if water damage has exposed you to mold.

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Safe Testing & Decontamination from Elevation Environmental Services

If you suspect your home or business has mold, lead, or even asbestos, call the Denver, CO team at Elevation Environmental Services. Our inspection experts can find even trace amounts of contamination, and our cleaning technicians leave you with confidence that the health of you, your family, and guests are protected. Thanks to our commitment to superior customer service and first class cleaning procedures, we’re ready to take of your Denver, CO home or business. Call us 24/7 for a team that’s ready for you.

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