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 Mold in Colorado

Mold is not as prevalent in Colorado as it is in most other states, mostly because the relative humidity is not near as high as other more humid parts of the country, yet mold is still an issue in many homes.

Why is this?

This is due in part mostly to leaks somewhere in the home, or too much moisture with improper venting in attics and crawl spaces. 

How do you know if you have mold issues in the home?

The #1 way to tell if you have mold is by seeing it. It comes in different looks, but hopefully some of the pictures we have posted here will help you diagnose if you have mold. 

The #2 way to tell if you have mold is having a mold inspector come do an air sample of the home. Mold can hide well on any surface where there is enough cellulose for it to thrive. 

The #3 way to tell if you have mold issues is health issues such as allergies, tiredness, dizziness, trouble breathing, and many other symptoms.

Black mold from a broken pipe!

Mold on concrete behind broken pipe!

Sewage & Water Damage Restoration

Sewage cleanup is messy business, and water damage if left can cause bacterial and mold growth.

Steps to take if you have a sewage or water spill:

Step #1: Determine where the leak or spill is coming from. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please call a plumber right away. If you are able to locate the leak and determine it is fixable, make sure you are wearing proper protective equipment before proceeding.

Step #2: The leak must be fixed or stopped before cleanup can occur. Once this is done, call a Water Damage Restoration Company to come extract the spill if it is too extensive to clean up within 24 hours. Microbes grow at an extremely fast rate, so make sure the spill is extracted and dried quickly.

Step #3: If any of the drywall or carpet is to be removed, or before any demolition or flood cuts take place, you MUST have an asbestos inspection done on the effected area. 

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