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ATTENTION GENERAL CONTRACTOR! Protect your business, staff and clients from Asbestos Spills

There are a lot of myths about asbestos testing in Colorado. These myths are costing clients and General Contractors thousands of dollars of unnecessary money because the right steps were not taken in the beginning.

We at Elevation Environmental Services want to save you, your team and your client time, money and headache when it comes to asbestos.

Over 300 Major Spill notifications were reported to the State of Colorado over the ’24 Memorial Day weekend. This is because General Contractors are unaware of the regulations that require asbestos inspections prior to removing material, regardless of the year the home was built in.

While some think they are saving money from skipping this step, they risk exposing their clients and their team to asbestos fibers. This can result in fines from the State, the potential of lawsuits from the clients, and exposing their employees to harmful asbestos fibers.

The average cost for asbestos testing before removing the material verses afterwards is monstrous!

 Below is a rough idea of the difference. This varies based on the size of the property and the number of samples, but you’ll see the difference.


·        Residential: $200 - $800

·        Commercial: $500 - $1,200


·        Small spills: $1,600 - $3,000

·        Large or complex spills: $5,000 - $15,000 or more

·        ***This is not including fines from the State!

It is way cheaper to test before removing material than waiting until the State makes you test.

We are also seeing General Contractors begin the project before receiving approved permits from the State and testing. This causes projects to shut down until the State is satisfied that all regulations have been met. This costs your business and employees money and doesn’t look good to your clients.

Avoid all of this by being proactive and testing for asbestos before submitting a permit!

We at Elevation Environmental Services want to see your company succeed! We offer same-day or next business day results so you can provide a quick turnaround for your client.

Email us at or call us at (720)318-6947 to schedule an appointment. If you would like a private training for your team, please email us at


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