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Lead Clearance Testing in Westminster, CO: Residential & Commercial Lead Dust & Particle Sampling & Testing Services

If you’re worried about the chance of lead in your Westminster home or business, Elevation Environmental Services has the simple solutions you need. With our lead clearance testing services, we can determine if there’s any lead on your property, even trace amounts. Our Westminster inspectors gather testing samples by dusting your property for lead and lead particles. Once collected, we send the samples to state-of-the-art laboratories where sophisticated tests are run. The results are always highly accurate and provide nearly flawless information regarding the state of your Westminster property.

Reclaim Complete Peace of Mind With One Simple Test

If you’re concerned there might be traces of lead in your Westminster home or business, don’t live in the dark. With Elevation Environmental Services, you can receive comprehensive lead clearance testing that will clarify the condition of your property. Our Westminster inspectors collect lead dust samples from around your home, including swabbing surfaces and air samples, before sending these into a laboratory for particle testing. Our email address details are highly accurate, clearing the air and allowing you to reclaim your peace of mind. Don’t constantly worry about lead; find out the state of your Westminster property today with our superior inspection services.

A Team That Stands By You Every Step of the Process

The process of lead testing and abatement could be stressful, especially if you must navigate it alone. But, with the team at Elevation Environmental Services, you’ll always have professional guidance. If our testing finds traces of lead inside your Westminster property, we’ll help find the abatement company you use and supply them with all our collected info. Plus, our Westminster inspectors will return to provide a second extensive clearance test after the abatement, swabbing for remaining lead dust samples and providing another round of particle testing. With Elevation Environmental Services, you should have professional answers and support from beginning to finish.

Affordable Comprehensive Care From Superior Westminster Inspectors

At Elevation Environmental Services, your health and safety are our first concern. That’s why each of our inspection services is offered at affordable rates. Plus, because we understand how stressful testing can be, we offer our Westminster inspectors for every step of the process. We’ll help you find a good abatement group for abatement and provide a final test to make sure every trace of lead is gone. All of this at prices you can afford without worrying. Don’t overspend for a company that just hands you outcomes and expects payment; work with professionals who care; work with at Elevation Environmental Services.

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Safe Testing & Decontamination from Elevation Environmental Services

If you suspect your home or business has mold, lead, or even asbestos, call the Westminster, CO team at Elevation Environmental Services. Our inspection experts can find even trace amounts of contamination, and our cleaning technicians leave you with confidence that the health of you, your family, and guests are protected. Thanks to our commitment to superior customer service and first class cleaning procedures, we’re ready to take of your Westminster, CO home or business. Call us 24/7 for a team that’s ready for you.

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