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Mold Inspection in Westminster, CO: Residential & Commercial Mold Testing & Inspection Services

If you suspect that your home has mold, professional inspection services are the best way to zero in on problem areas. The team at Elevation Environmental Services are some of the most experienced in Westminster and will swiftly identify any areas that may be a concern. If they identify mold within your Westminster home or business, they can also guide you on how to best remove or remediate the damaged area.

When Should I Have My Westminster Home Inspected for Mold?

Many Westminster residents are unsure about when they should be hiring mold inspection services. There are some early warning signs: discoloration around furniture and cabinets, moisture around plumbing fixtures, and, most importantly, a musty smell. Mold will often emit a scent long before it is visible coming through the drywall. If you are unsure if you require mold remediation services, an inspection from our Westminster based technicians will determine if they are necessary.

Dangers of Mold in Your Westminster Kitchen or Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are a few of the most common areas for mold in Westminster. Spilled water and leaky pipes often go overlooked for some time, providing a humid environment that’s necessary for the proliferation of mold. Our professional mold inspection services at Elevation Environmental Services can provide you with peace of mind that your home or business is safe. The inspectors we employ are highly trained to identify even the smallest signs of mold danger.

Musty Attics in Westminster

Attics are another common space for mold to grow in Westminster homes. Without proper ventilation, humidity can become trapped within attics and can rise to levels high enough to support mold. Small leaks in the roofing or the soffit are another entry point of humidity into your attic. As a location that is not often checked, mold has a lot of time to proliferate undetected. The professional mold inspection services from Elevation Environmental Services in Westminster will check every small corner of your attic so that you can be sure that mold isn’t hiding in a small corner.

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Safe Testing & Decontamination from Elevation Environmental Services

If you suspect your home or business has mold, lead, or even asbestos, call the Westminster, CO team at Elevation Environmental Services. Our inspection experts can find even trace amounts of contamination, and our cleaning technicians leave you with confidence that the health of you, your family, and guests are protected. Thanks to our commitment to superior customer service and first class cleaning procedures, we’re ready to take of your Westminster, CO home or business. Call us 24/7 for a team that’s ready for you.

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