Residential Asbestos and Lead Inspection Services

Residential Asbestos Inspections

Recently, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety (CDPHE) has really started to crack down on enforcing asbestos inspections for renovations or upgrades to houses. Elevation Environmental Services offers a wide variety of asbestos inspection services from full-spectrum home analysis to room by room inspection with highly competitive pricing.

When do you need an asbestos inspection?

  • Installing new carpet:

    • Most carpet installers require sampling of the carpet adhesive on previously installed carpet.

    • Installing carpet over existing floor tile requires floor tiles to be sampled as well with most carpet installers.

  • Had water damage in the home:

    • Before flood cuts and demolition can occur, asbestos samples must be taken of any damaged material that is going to be removed.​

  • Remodeling and renovation to the house:

    • Any areas that might be disturbed or removed from the premise should be sampled for asbestos prior to renovation. 

    • Permitting with the state requires asbestos samples to be taken.

  • Flipping houses:

    • Again, anyone renovating a home needs to have asbestos sampling done prior to any renovation taking place. 

Asbestos Containing Popcorn Ceiling Sample

Residential Lead Inspections

Lead rules and regulations are not very well known to most homeowners. Being Lead Inspector and Rick Assessor certified, let Elevation Environmental Services be the first and last company you need to take care of your lead inspection/ risk assessing needs. 

When do you need a Lead Inspection or Risk Assessment?
  • Homes built prior to 1978 being sold:

    • The purchaser of the home has the right to have a lead based paint inspection done on any homes built prior to December 1978.

    • This should be done if the potential purchaser of the home has children or knows that any same child under 6 years old that will be in the residence or occupying the space for more than 3 hours a day, two days a week and annually of 60 hours or more.

  • Homes built prior to 1960:

    • Lead based paint and lead based products are found in 66% of homes built prior to 1960 according to the EPA.

  • Urban housing and poorer communities:

    According to the EPA, lower income housing contains higher amounts of lead.

When you DO NOT need a Lead Inspection or Risk Assessment!
  • Homes that are being remodeled, renovated or demolished.
    • These homes do not need to be inspected for lead based paint prior to demolition or renovation.
    • A risk assessment or lead inspection can be done, but that is only for peace of mind.
  • Housing for elderly or persons with disabilities.
  • Zero-bedroom dwellings.

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